Just in case you were wondering, Akwaaba means…

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So yeah, welcome to my blog. My name is Adoma. I’m a broke 18 y/o girl with insanely huge dreams. This is where I share with you bits and pieces of my life because I love to write and I might probably go crazy if I don’t. Currently, I’m a student of the University of Ghana Law School but still don’t know where my life is headed.

When I’m inspired, which is like once in a long while, I write stories and poems and share them with you guys. Um and for now, the pictures I post aren’t mine but from this super cool website pixabay but I hope to use my own photos when I get a great camera. Hopefully soon. I love Twenty One Pilots and Melanie Martinez and Dua Lips and Tatiana Manois and and many more. I admire Alessia Cara toooo.

Okay so please follow my blog for updates on my life in general. And yes, I’ll be posting weekly. That is, on Saturdays to be precise. But I’ll be reading other blog posts every other day so yes imma keep up. I should really end this now before it gets a little too embarrassing. Want to tour? Start here.

Tata! x