I may not have any tangible facts. Maybe no one will actually visit my site. But i have to start from somewhere,don’t I? I live in a country where corruption is so rife one can actually feel it like the cool breeze from the La beach,you know, stench and all. What makes me want to pull my short hair out is that the leaders in my country turn a blind eye to the problem. They don’t act because they know deep within that they are the problem. Destroying the problem will mean removing them from office and of course no African leader will be content with letting go of the sweet grip of power. My president unfortunately is no exception. Is anyone surprised? This is Africa! We’re supposed to be used to it by now. I’m talking about POVERTY,ILLITERACY and POVERTY. Oh, did I mention poverty again? It definitely can’t be over-emphasised. I believe my dear continent has two major problems only; poverty and illiteracy. Illiteracy should be number one. Why? Well, living in a country where majority of the population are illiterates makes you learn that it is difficult to remove an incompetent leader from office, especially when he manages to buy votes from people who have little understanding when it comes to governance and policy-making. People who actually believe that economic hardships are uncontrollable,more like natural disasters so keep voting for the same people so they keep repeating the same mistakes.As for poverty, well, it’s the results of having illiterates making up more than half your country’s population. This is supposed to be about my president but the wind of emotions has changed my course. I’ll leave him for another day. I’ll certainly not let him go scot-free,not after all he has turned my country into.

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