Did I ever mention that I love to read? Wait! let me  put this well. I love to run away from my rather ordinary reality and lose myself in the surreal and sometimes overly dramatic world of fiction. Yeah, I think that explains it better. I like to be so engrossed in a book that I forget that the electricity company in my country has taken back it’s power or that my president is going around making promises about better days he knows will never come under his time of office or that there are actually people who have very little love for my country so they aim at robbing her till she has nothing to lose. Oh no! Did I bring in politics again? Let me move on to the point which is that I LOVE BOOKS! I remember reading the last page of DIVERGENT and thinking HOW CAN ANYONE BE THIS CREATIVE? I keep praying for that amazing level of creativity. I have not given up on myself though :). I know I’ll get there,someday. I can’t count the number of times I have been caught reading in class or the number of times I’ve had to plead with teachers to return seized books to me( most of those times the books weren’t mine and the stress was too real). I want to list my top 3 books and I’m sure anyone who has read them might squel in agreement.


  1. Whoa! now this is difficult. Okay I guess I’ll give this to A Fault In Our Stars by John Green or should it be Looking For Alaska by the same author? Eesh! i should have made this a list of my favourite authors. That would have been way easier.
  2. And this is where I realise that I should have started from number 3.I might as well continue like this. Okay, so at number two I have Danielle Steele’s Silent Honor. I’ll like to have a minute’s silence for how deeply you can relate to the characters in this book…                          *SILENCE*


3. Last but definitely not least I have DIVERGENT! I just couldn’t have missed this book. Infact, I love the whole series. It’s just splendid! I wouldn’t want to say anymore.

PS: It was incredibly difficult to come out with this list. Of course the Hunger Games series can’t be overlooked. And there’s Sophie Kinsella and her Shopaholic Series. Oh and Sidney Sheldon and his amazing materpieces. Kudos to all the amazing authors out there, from a girl who loves you so much she’s aiming to be better than you. Did I really type that out? I’ll end my nonsense here. I still haven’t come up with a title. Okay I hope this works.



11 thoughts on “JOHN GREEN AND CO.

  1. Joker Shayar says:

    Couldnt stop myself for saying thanks to you for sharing this. Actually i have found your comment mentioning about the book ‘Remember me’ on one of my friend’s blog and that made me stalk your blog 😛.. i am kinda starter in reading and searching for some good books so i felt lucky to get some good stuff here shared by you. I will get these books soon as i am currently in the middle of “The Fault in Our Stars” .. Thanks again and hope to get to know some more of your favourite books 😊

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  2. Joker Shayar says:

    I am enjoying actually this reading thing. Before i was taking it as a boring stuff Lol pardon me for this..but now i am always looking for time to continue my reading 😀.. and thanks for saying that you will post about more books 😊, but you can take your time because i am a slow reader 😛.. and i havent finish yet “The fault in our Stars” but i am already in love with this.

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