Well hello there!I was thinking about starting a series about life in Ghana and I came up with this. Before I begin I’ll like to tell the world of bloggers a little bit about my country. My country is relatively peaceful. That is if you exclude the long-standing violence in the Northern part which fortunately came to an end a few years ago, you’ll say my country is peaceful. Many are those who have tried to incite the people of my country to violence and have failed,miserably. The main reason being that there’s no one to actually initiate the violence. To make you understand me better,I’ll give you an example. A funny one to be precise.

It all began when the opposition party believed that our 2012 elections were rigged. Being peace-loving Ghanaians, they took it to the Supreme Court instead of the streets. After months of drama and interesting revelations about our Electoral Commission, the day for the judgement came. And guess what? Will you believe that almost everyone was indoors? I could have literally slept on the main road infront of my house and would have still lived to tell you my story-that is a bit exaggerated but true. All shops( well, most of them) were closed during the pronuncement of the judgement. Many people remained in their homes awaiting the very expected violence which never came. This is one reason I love my country. Imagine how wierd it would have been for my father to carry a machete on the silent streets to protest against the judgement( My father supports the opposition with his whole being). Now this is where you start laughing because there is actually a nation that is filled with people who have the fear of  war(I wonder what phobia that will be called).Sadly enough, there are actually people who have managed to be exceptions. I’ll leave them for another time. The peace and quiet made the news! I thought I was the only one who noticed.  After a few hours of waiting, everyone came out one after the other to go on with their everyday businesses. It was a beautiful time for me. Did anyone ever make the mistake of saying Africans are lovers of violence?…

And now my head is blank. I’ve run out of words so this conclusion of mine won’t pass as an awesome-drop-the-mic-and -walk-away-because-you-know-you’ve-hit-the-souls-of-your-listeners-with-your-beautiful-words conclusion. Now that was not only inappropriate but too much.





  1. Shereen says:

    Hi! Thank you for stopping by. I’m probably not your audience because I’m in my mid-20s but what I can say about your blog is, it is very informative and I appreciate that. I don’t have a huge following so I can teach u ways to gain followers but be consistent ( something I’m working on) and be yourself.

    Blog about something you would read


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