Just for fun:25 things about me! ( PS: Don’t judge if you can help it)

 I just decided to introduce myself to the bloggerverse 🙂  I got this from another blogger.( Making time for me)

So here goes nothing,

[1] I was sexually abused and didn’t even know it. I remember going to my parents and telling them that my aunt’s house keeper touched me down there.( I didn’t mean to report him or anything). They got so angry and sent the guy to the police( He didn’t think I’ll rat him out). I was just  a confused 5 or 6 year old. That was when i learnt my first life lesson i think. DON’T ALLOW ANYONE TO TOUCH YOUR CLITORIS OR ANYWHERE AROUND THAT AREA. No one has ever mentioned that incident since then.(Of course) Sometimes i think it was a dream. An old vivid dream.

[2] When i was younger i wanted to be white. I used envy the way whites have different eye colours. I really wanted to have blue eyes and be a brunette. Lol. I’m still learning to love myself. 🙂

[3] I have thought about committing suicide. A lot!( Those who think they know me will be surprised)

[4] If i were to be reincarnated, I’d like to come back as a chihuahua.

[5] I really want to be president of Africa even though Africa is not a country. 😦

[6] Sometimes, I think of sad things and feel pity for myself and humanity.

[7] My favourite movie is 300 Spartans ❤ ( don’t laugh)

[8] I really want to visit every single country there is.

[9] I have never travelled outside my country. Ever.

[10] I want to make the world a better place. A world where suffering is not a word.

[11] I can be very judgemental ( I’m working on that)

[12] I’ve never been kissed by anyone. Not even my parents. They probably kissed me when I was a child but i don’t remember.

[13] I’m a very shy person. VERY.EXTREMELY. SHY

[14] Talking about being shy, I’d like to mention that for a shy person, I love public speaking. I’ve participated in 5 debates, delivered 2 speeches and I also took part in a pageant in high school( I didn’t make it to the top 5 😥 (unfortunately) . Oh and yeah I’ve recited poems at church thrice 🙂 I’m shy of talking to people one on one though. 😥

[15] I have been to six schools and made 4 different sets of best friends. ( I wonder if you understand)

[16] I want to marry a Mexican ( It’s been my childhood dream) ❤ ❤

[17] I’ve had a crush on my step cousin before. I probably still do but he’s out of the country. You know, out of sight is out of mind and not out of heart.  </3

[18] I love watching Ken and De’arra on YouTube!( what’s up DKGang?!!) 😉  ❤

[19] I have two siblings. Both are boys and I’m the first child.

[20] I still haven’t watched pretty little liars 😦

[21] I’ve always imagined myself playing the role of Elena in Vampire diaries.

[22]  I can cook but I don’t like to.

[23] I want to own orphanages all over the world!!

[24] I have a tooth gap. People tell me it makes me look pretty when i smile( i choose not to believe it tho) ☺

[25] If you have made it this far why don’t you also write 25 things about yourself! I wouldn’t mind if you tag me.

4 thoughts on “Just for fun:25 things about me! ( PS: Don’t judge if you can help it)

  1. The average girl says:

    Love the way you write your blog. Its like, I am having a one on one conversation with you. This is so honest and charming at the same time. In few stages I felt like I am reading about myself. Let me tell you we are very similar you and I. I am very shy too.
    And I am going to take your advice and write about myself too. It helps people to know you so much better and connect with your blogs!
    Please keep writing more.


  2. Shereen says:

    Awww sweet girl!! I’m a 20 something and I still struggle with self pity and suicidal thoughts at times!! You seem so accomplished already. U love public speaking, I need that in my life!! But definitely use this place as your outlet. I’m so glad you are blogging!

    U can visit me in the USA!!


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