Nectar and Bile

Sometimes, people allow themselves to lose the sweetness of the tongue,

Sometimes, they allow themselves to spit out explosive words that hit their listeners with the power of the big bang,

Family, talk to me gently,

If I annoy you, please try to swallow it and spew softness no matter how hard,

When you yell, I know it’s I that didn’t do well,

I try I try to hold back the hurt, 

I hide my face and allow it to run down my cheeks as tears.

The pain is too much I’m full

This heart of mine is overflowing with bile and there’s nothing I can do

I don’t want you to see the hurt because I know you’re not being you.

I’m sorry and you should be too

But no matter what you say, I still love you.

It’s been a while since I wrote a poem like this. My artistic skills are getting a little rusty. Lol 😀

I’m a better spoken word artistist I must add. So I do spoken word poetry waaay better. 🙂

The rudeness of someone is the inspiration for what I’ve written above

I hope you like it! I did what I could. ☺

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