I didn’t help



I’m feeling really bad right now.

Today I was going to my school to check up on my admission. In the traffic, I saw a boy with dry and scaly skin begging with a ‘blind’ man. He was wearing an over-sized blue T-shirt ( I can’t get it out of my head). He came to the window and looked at me and made signs that he wanted money. I didn’t give him any. I didn’t really care about it then. That wasn’t the first time I had seen children like that. ( I was too busy texting). 

Now I really feel bad. I just read an article about how poor parents sell their children as young as 6 years for just about 5 dollars or less!

Imagine that one day you come home from school ( those children don’t even go to school) and then your mum tells you that you’ll be living with someone you’ve never met! Forever. That’s what happens to some very poor children in my country and other countries. These poor children work for their new masters. Some are made to fish in the deep ocean. Yes! Children as young as 8 and even 6 in the worst case.

Some are turned into farmers.

Some even BEGGARS!!

The children made to beg are beaten if they don’t bring back enough money. They are brutally abused because people like me do not see the cry in their eyes. 😦

Maybe this boy was really leading a blind man. Maybe he wasn’t. Maybe he was with his slave master and I didn’t even know it. Maybe if I had given him a few cedis( Ghanaian currency) I would have saved him from some lashes tonight . Maybe if I had paid more attention I would have realised this boy was crying for help, a way to break free from the chains of slavery. But I didn’t help. What can I do? How can I help? How can I change things? I DON’T KNOW! That makes me sad. Very very sad😭 .

There are some foundations and NGOs that are trying to help. But sometimes the children are brainwashed and made to believe that the NGOs are bad and that they’ll treat them even worse 😢. Some believe it and refuse to be rescued.

I wish I had given that boy some money. I hope someone else did what I couldn’t do. I don’t care that the money would have gone to those unscrupulous cold-hearted monsters. But at least I would have saved him one night without beatings.  😦

Thank google for the pictures that show the story of children like the boy in the blue shirt











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