There’s no real love, is there?

My parents have been married for a long time now. Longer than most of my friends’ parents. Their fathers were either abusive physically and emotionally to their mothers or they were just plain liars who took their mothers’ love for granted. My parents’ marriage is not perfect. I’m glad I see that now. Maturity and adulthood ( I’m not so old)have opened my eyes to a lot of things I’d rather not want to see.

I now see the little bickering they try to hide. I now see that my father doesn’t pay much attention to my mother when she talks. I now see that my father is on the computer a lot( even though he tries to deny that he’s quite addicted). It’s almost as if that’s all he cares about. As if that’s what he’d rather be doing than to talk to my mother and us.

I’m beginning to doubt the existence of love. I’m beginning to see that love doesn’t last. Ever! I’m beginning to understand that everything that has a beginning surely has an end. Everything including love.( Is it still love if it ends? )The only love that truely exists is the love of God.

Looking around, if love really existed people wouldn’t spend so much money on things as vain as shoes just to make themselves happy when there are hungry mouths to feed. If love existed people wouldn’t kill one another. People wouldn’t cheat others and hurt others. So, is there any love at all? Real perpetual love. Love that actually lasts Forever?

I don’t know if I’m making sense but I’m in one of those moods today. I don’t mean to offend anyone. If you’re offended,my sincere apologies to you.

Love is just like a story, there’s the rising action, the climax, falling action and conclusion. There’s always a conclusion. If not why do people remarry after the death of their partners.

This is where I end my baseless talk. Comment if you understand. Comment if you don’t. I just want to know what you think. 🙂

24 thoughts on “There’s no real love, is there?

  1. Joker Shayar says:

    ummmmm i understand your feelings and i respect it, there is nothing to get offended :). The thing is that when we get something, we don’t value them mostly. From that we feel that love stops at an end. Love need to be cared and nourished. But we can’t compare all with the one formula. everyone has their own priorities and feeling towards love. I hear mostly from people that the true love is the one that does not get a destination.. I hope and wish best for you and your parents :))

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  2. L. M. B. says:

    A marrige “just” doesn’t work … like we all think … you have to make it work! If you splitt at the first “difference of opinion” … then its notvalid the paper you signed on.
    A love, like a marrige is like a fire … if you don’t feed it… every now and then through a log into it … and kerp it burning …
    Then its going to go out.
    In good and in bad, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health … till death do us part! Now thats a promise thats HARD to keep.
    On the 5th of this month my wife will be married to me since 29 years! And I still love her.

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  3. Cezane says:

    I think love is real, pure, gentle and the only thing which can do the impossible. Our parents stay together for a long long time, so love build up is a definite presence but through time becomes a potential presence as certain actions start to be taken for granted.
    But if something is in a potential state, it doesnt mean its not there anymore, it still is and the power to do the impossible still exists.

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  4. Jam says:

    Love exists but it must start from within. It’s important not to be discouraged. Things always have a funny way of resolving themselves eventually. Stay strong x


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