I’m tired of having to make new bestfriends every time. 😦 I’ve changed schools a lot and everytime I do, I make ‘bestfriends’. We think we’ll be friends forever but I end up leaving and then we drift apart. My current bestfriend is now leaving for Scotland. I’m scared that we’ll drift apart too. We’ve shared so many moments and memories that it’ll hurt to lose our friendship. I just found out that her father is considering letting her stay because there’s a problem with her visa. I don’t wish anything bad for her but I’m quite excited! πŸ™‚

I kind of hope she stays!! Is that wrong? It’s not, right?


Yeah so now I’m keeping my fingers crossed for God to decide what’s best for her. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚ Bye!

7 thoughts on “BEST FRIEND.

  1. Zimi says:

    This post is so relatable because I’ve changed school so many times or even if I don’t I just drift away from people who I called my best friend once. It’ll go by and let’s hope for the best 😊

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