Sometimes, death happens

Now, I really think about sad things a lot. I don’t even know why (Oh yeah I do!). A very nice person died (Alert the media, will you?). Ugh! Life can be terrible sometimes. Horrible things that we can’t explain happen and it sucks! I’m in the mood to tell you the story so here goes nothing.

My mum’s collegue (ie. nice person) died in a plane to China. ( I didn’t even care to use a little euphemism). Well, that’s just what happened. She was a little old, not so old. ( How old is 60?). She had Malaria and was on drugs but still insisted to go despite the fact that she was weak (A lot of people advised her not to). Yeah, she was so weak that she tripped at the airport. ( Okay now let’s go ahead and blame her for not listening to advice). Mrs. Nice Person was keen on going to China because her son lives there and she hadn’t seen him in years. She made Ghanaian food ( okro and groundnut soup) for him. She had also promised her grandchildren that she’ll be with them soon so she didn’t want to let them down. Well, now she’s dead so she’s let them down anyyway.

It’s so sad I don’t even want to think about it. Now she’s left her poor old husband and son and grandkids and nobody got to eat the food! I’ve decided to forget about it. I don’t want to feel too sad so I want to share my sadness with you. It’s so wierd because this is my first time hearing that someone actually died in a plane IN REAL LIFE! That’s just not supposed to happen. Do you know any strange real deaths. Let me know. (I’ve braced myself for this)

sad sad.jpg

I’m glad I haven’t lost any close family member. I think I might lose it if that happens (God forbid). God protect us all.

Yesterday was my other bestfriend’s birthday. You remember I told you that I have three? She’s 18 now! yay!