I’m finally in SCHOOL!

Finally! finally! finally!

I’m in school!! I don’t know if registration and admission are so hectic in your countries but here it’s so so so stressful! I’m finally in school but I have a little more paperwork to do.( It’s so frustrating) 

Anyway, my first day was okay.( Thanks for asking☺) I’ve met so many new people.( I don’t even remember their names) So far, it’s been pretty interesting. I’m quite scared though.( I might have sorta kinda given my room number to a stranger). I’m not just quite scared, I’m very very scared actually ( How can you be so stupid, Adoma?) Well, maybe it’s because he seemed so nice.( Almost everyone has been nice to you dear). Ugh! God’s got me so I’m not so worried.( I’ll be fine☺)

I took a picture though. I used my phone so the camera quality isn’t so good. My room is not AMAZINGLY nice but it’s just okay. I’m trying to like it. I’ll be posting more pictures of me in school soon☺

My room mates are still not in school because today is a holiday here. So, I’ll have to wait till tomorrow. Right now, I’m going to sleep in a friend’s room because her room mates haven’t arrived too. We’re only three on the whole block!! It’s super scary here.( I don’t trust the security men , they’re probably fast asleep now)

Okay goodbye! It’s 11:45pm here. I should be asleep.( I love the freedom already❤❤)

7 thoughts on “I’m finally in SCHOOL!

  1. Cezane says:

    Hi bud, hope your doing great. Congratulations.Enjoy the freedom and I pray success comes in every angle towards you while your time at school. Work hard, love the post, love your humour, got a happy sense reading through. Lots of love from CC.


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