How to survive boredom and sleepiness during a seminar or speech or workshop or any programme.

I hope my title isn’t too long. I couldn’t get an appropriate way to summarise my post today. Anyway, I have orientation as I type out this post.( I am literally in the hall where the speakers are speaking to freshmen typing this out on my phone). Why? Because I’m so so so so so bored and sleepy. So I figured that I should write out a post to help others survive situations like this. So right now, I’m going to give you five ways to stay awake and unbored( if that is a word) during boring speeches.

1. Write notes. Yes! Jot down anything and everything the speakers say to you. Go on! Write till you have nothing to write anymore. If you don’t have anything to write? Write your name! Keep writing your name till you have some important note to write.😊

2.  Make a blog post! Like I’m doing now. Type out your thoughts and feelings about the programme. Let the world know your level of boredom. Let it out! 

3. Text a friend. Well, this depends on whether or not phones are allowed. If phones aren’t allowed, let your imagination take over!! At the moment, my friend and I are texting about why this speaker keeps saying ‘you know’. 

4. Sing a song! In your head of course. Have your own concert my dear friend. Enjoy your brain’s ability to play songs for free. 

5. Look around. You might find something interesting to think about. So look around you can count the number of fans if there are any or maybe the number of light bulbs.
PS: I will not take responsibility for anything that goes wrong because one followed my steps. The choice is yours. But of course don’t try this unless unless it’s exxxxxttttrreemmeelly safe. Thanks for reading☺

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