Something personal

Dear Veey,

I apologise for everything. I think you should apologise too. Because it’s very painful the way you behave as if you did nothing wrong. It’s very annoying too the way you go about telling people your side of the story only to make me look bad. Like I’m the very evil friend. The one who went behind your back to write love letters to your crush and still told you you had a chance with him. The who made romantic calls to him and still told you he misses you.The one who yells and speaks to you with absolute disrespect and pride when she feels like it. I drew away and yet you forced to draw near. I couldn’t reciprocate your kindness because i couldn’t trust that it was real. How could I? But whenever I drew away you called me cold.When I decide to tell you the person I think you are, you play the victim. Wow.

Your brother is dead now. He happened to die after one of our major fight. When i try to show sympathy ‘your friends’ look at me like I’m some sort of a hypocrite. They’ve forgotten you were once my friend. Once a friend. Always a friend. Maybe i don’t really trust who you are now. But at least, i liked who you pretended to be. I don’t even know what to think now. I wouldn’t want any of your family members to die. Nobody deserves that.

Stop talking about me to those people. And tell them to stop painting me black. Because I’m not the bad one here. I love my friends. My true friends. Those people? They have no idea why I told you those things. The truth. Those were exactly how I felt. Oh and when i told you you deserve an Oscar for your fakeness and hypocrisy. I meant it. The things you did were wrong. Till you accept them we can never be the way we used to be. No, who am I kidding? We never will be the way we used to be. Just let my reputation be. I happen to care about what people think of me. So please stop telling people what you should be telling me.

It’s like beating someone and crying like the person beat you rather.

Stay strong for your brother. Stop playing the victim.


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