Wow. It’s funny how our generation has managed to redefine this word. Goals used to be:

Making it to university.

Finding true love.

Getting married.

Having children.

Travelling the world.

Pursuing your dream job.

Or maybe making money to take care of your family.

Or just making money to help the needy.

Or just making money.

Being happy.


Being the cutest couple in school.

Getting trendy clothes.

Having ‘fleeky’ eyebrows.

Or looking ‘amazingly’ made up. What most people call ‘slaying’.

Have human standards fallen? Especially amongst teenagers. Even my friends. It’s seriously sickening. Now some no longer care about working so hard to make good grades. Instead, they try so hard to get likes on Instagram. They try so hard to ‘Slay’, not for themselves but their followers. They pretend to be happy for a few hundred likes. Those who do not aim for this are not recognised or just looked down upon or just considered invisible.

What are your goals?


11 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Cattie's World says:

    I SO AGREE with you Girl. I care a damn for the “likes” or “stars”. For me the Satisfaction is a Comment from the Heart. That is why I don’t usually just click and “like” and pass by, I make it a point to reply full and proper. I am a chatterbox.
    What is so great about being popular on Facebook, Instagram and Tinder. be Famous in The World History Book as a Person who Did something special, made something special.
    Girl, You go on and change the world in you own small way. You will reap many benefits.

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  2. Shereen says:

    Obaa it’s not just teenagers. I’m in my 20s and I see my peers behaving the same way. My mother is in her 50s and her peers behave the same way. While we’re doing it for the gram. They are doing it for Facebook. I know grown women in their 50s by $3,500 (approximately 13,000 new GHC) just to flex on Facebook meanwhile they’re children are in schools not receiving adequate education.

    It’s truly sad. Our priorities are so screwed up these days. We just have to fight hard to not get caught up and be authentic about our funds and our own goals.


  3. sasha says:

    I totally agree with you and lemme tell you as a teenager you would never know what you need and crave for attention and you decide who likes you the most based on likes and comments in fb and Instagram or whatever!But when you realise whats going on with your own lives,you might have crossed teenage and it will be all messed up😐..one should grow mature at teenage itself so that they will have blissful Life later!!

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