So cute they make you sad. 

Am I the only one who has known people who seem to arouse my sympathy and sadness for no possible reason? As in, they have all they need and seem totally fine and yet you feel sort of protective over them?
Take, for example, my Academic Writing lecturer. He is so cute ( To me only, apparently). He’s not chubby and he’s not poor.( In fact, he’s very far from poverty). He just seems so cute ( To me😩)that I feel some sort of pity-love-sympathy-i-don’t-even-know-how-to-explain-it-feeling towards him. I feel so bad when the class is making noise when he’s teaching. Or when some people are giving him tough times with their attitudes. When he smiles it’s like ‘Aww with a touch of sadness’. I can’t explain it. He’s a very nice person and teacher. He doesn’t even complain when people are chatting during his lecture. It makes me so sad. I feel like protecting him from the unknown. Lol.It’s so ironic because he’s probably older than 50 years.

I had this same feeling towards my former president. John Atta Mills.( He’s late💔) Yes, I used to feel like this towards the former president of my country. Even though it was quite obvious that he was no different from the other sly politicians. I don’t know but I felt like rescuing him from politics and keeping him safe. Ugh! I’m a 100% sure I sound wierd now. Oh no wait! It’s not love. It’s not boyfriend-and- girlfriend love. Don’t think that. I can’t seem to explain it. Does anyone relate to this?


7 thoughts on “So cute they make you sad. 

  1. Zee says:

    Hahaha this is adorable ! That doesn’t makes you weird, it actually makes you “cute” ! Don’t worry you are not alone in this 😉


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