Snapchat filters freak me out sometimes.

This picture reminds me of myself when I’m going through snap filters. I think the dog filter is not bad though.💕

I remember getting goosebumps when I saw the filter that puts your lips where your eyes are. Yes, I actually got goosebumps. That should let you know how disgusted I was; so disgusted that cringing wasn’t enough.Why would I want to take a picture looking like that??? Was anyone else disgusted by that filter? Some just freak me out!! Who else feels like ‘Uugggh! What’s the point of this nastiness?!’ I caaannn’t be the only one.😣😣

I like the dog and flower filters only but sometimes I get so so so so so disgusted by the other filters. I just stay away from the nasty ones. Faaaaarr faaaaarrr away. 

 I hope I didn’t offend any lovers of Snapchat. (Some people ,like me, are just too sensitive😩)

What are your favourite filters anyway☺?

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