Sunshine Blogger Award!!!!❤❤❤

I’ve been nominated again. Twice. Yay!! Thank you Allie and Saraa💕💕

Thank you thank you thank you soooo soooo much.

Since I’ve already participated in this and I can’t let Allie or Saraa down.❤ I’m going to take this up. Yaasss!!

You know the rules. I’ll just go straight to their questions.☺

Allie’s questions

1. If I were a perfume, I’ll like to blend the scent of rain and roses.

2. I like the colour of desert sand under sunlight.

3. I haven’t eaten any of them before. I like pizza so maybe I’ll like pizza fries.

4. I can draw. Well, I can’t draw from my imagination but I can draw things I see. It’s been a very very long time since I last drew so I’m a bit far from perfection.

5. At home, all I do is to sleep at night like a normal little girl. Since I came to university I’ve become a bit nocturnal😁. So I prefer the night now.

6. If I have a day before a zombie apocalypse. I’ll gather my family together and have our last family meeting with my aunts and uncles and cousins and everyone. And I’ll tell them I love them for the very first time. And pray to God. And I’ll kiss Ted( I’m yet to tell you about him☺)

7. One of the best moments in my life will be when I was in boarding school. The struggle to get home made food, doing my laundry with friends and chatting alongside, getting excited about boys coming to visit, having entertainment once a week, and all the happy, sad, and amazing times in school. School was so fun and amazing.( I think I’ll make a blog post about school. Thank you Allie)

8. Being a Christian, I’ll say the movie ‘War Room’ made me really re-evaluate my life and my relationship with God.

9. I love the poem Mental Truths by one blogger. I reblogged it. So do check it out.☺

10. I would change my name to Asantewaa after the famous warrior queen Yaa Asantewaa. I still love my name though💕💕.

11. I haven’t really had anything of the sort happen to me. I have seen the Spirit talk through someone. For those who aren’t religious, it means that the person is possessed and he or she says and does things ,led by the Spirit ,they don’t remember afterwards. But my mum has. She doesn’t really talk to me about it. All she says is that she saw something when she was a child. Whatever that thing was remains a mystery to me. I’m not so spiritual.

Saraa’s questions

1. As a Christian, Jesus is the only idol I’m allowed to have. He’s my idol because I believe in his mercy, goodness and grace.

2. In ten years I’ll like to be married with my first son☺. I’ll tell my twenty seven year old self that I’m proud of her no matter who she is.

3. I love Silent Honor by Danielle Steele

4. If I could live the life of another person I might consider being Oprah Winfrey. I want to be able to make people happy like her.

5. Narnia❤❤ I haven’t seen Hogwarts though😩.

6. It will be difficult to forgive anyone who hurts any of my family members especially my little brothers. It’ll be WW3. Anyway, as a Christian, I have to forgive and forget so help me God.

7. My happy thoughts are me getting married, having my sons, owning and running my orphanages and  just being happy.

8. My name would be Asantewaa☺☺❤❤

9. I love 7 years old by Lukas Graham because it reminds me of how human I am and how short life is.

Thanks for the nomination. Hope you liked my answers.

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