Boarding School Series-1!!!

I told you that I was going to make a post about boarding school so Yah this is it.
Have you ever been away from your family for many weeks without a phone call atleast?
Well I have. It isn’t a beautiful experience. The only family you grow to love are your friends.
This is going to be a series. I’m going to make a post about boarding school twice every week and trust me it’ll  be veeeeerrrryyyyyy interesting. School wasn’t a bore. At all.
Tell me what you think about this first post of the series and what aspect of school you want me to blog about.

Before we eat we pray. What am I saying? We pray before we do anything. As in anything you can imagine. In my school, we pray. A llloooootttt. So no one eats unless the prayer has been said.
I used to come to table hungry since we aren’t allowed to eat anything before breakfast. Breakfast is always after our first class for the day. So we bath, dress up in our uniforms, work at our various working places, go for morning assembly(which entails a lot activities), have our first lesson before breakfast. Yay!
Imagine my hungry face in first year waiting for everyone to settle so the prayer can be said so I can drink some over-diluted cocoa drink and burnt bread and boiled egg I’ll call my breakfast. I was told that I’ll  get used to it an I did. In fact that became my favourite breakfast. It looks like this is going to be an exceedingly long post if I don’t exercise some self control. This is just the tip of the iceberg of how things are done in the dining hall.

I’ll continue another time. Keep updated 🙂

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