Boarding School-2 Dining.

Okay, so I told you the struggle of getting to eat food. After the prayer, third year students are served first. Oh have I described how are tables were? Well, they are long plastic tables with sixteen members. There’s the table head who ensures that table manners are observed or in some cases lauds her authority over the poor juniors. (Yeah like punishing someone to go under the table for using the wrong cutlery or talking at table.)  It’s discipline isn’t it?

I was talking about serving right? Serving is done according to seniority. So it’s from third years to second years to first years. That means that the seniors get to choose the large and fine bread and you who picks last gets the burnt one. 

Oh yeah and first years do the serving. So after prayer is said one first year  student gets up( there’s a duty roster) and serves the table members. The problem with serving is that you have to serve so that every table member gets enough food. Well, if it’s porridge we’re all entitled to two ladles and if it’s milk we’re entitled to two teaspoons. But for some funny reason in first year it’s difficult to serve for everyone to have some to eat. And woe be tides you if a senior doesn’t get food to eat.( maybe because she wasn’t present at table) All you do is to pray there’s extra food at the kitchen counter or you willingly surrender your food. 

Then there’s the issue of getting food passed to your side of the table. Since, we have long tables sometimes the bowl of sugar or tin of milk ends up on one side of the table. We’re not allowed to stretch for food so we have to ask for them to be passed. One thing that used to frustrate me was the way some table members blatantly refuse to pass the food items. As in, they pretend to be deaf when your hungry soul calls out to their arrogant selves to pass the food. Ugh! It really used to annoy me!!  Usually there are about five or six first years at a table. So when the prayer is said to end the meal, the one supposed to clear the table has to do so. Clearing is done by using a foam and a solution( this is basically a mixture of liquid soap and a lot of water. A lot). The others arrange the chairs around the tables. While the first years are at work, the seniors just wash their plates and mugs and head to class. The poor juniors just hurriedly do all they have to do and wash their mugs and pray they are not late. Yeah that reminds me, lateness is a felony. It is absolutely forbidden! It is a taboo. I hope I have made the gravity of the issue of lateness clear to you. It is NOT tolerated. At all. I have more to add but I’ll continue later ๐ŸŽˆ. 

Keep updated.

PS: Bullying wasn’t allowed in my school. You only get punished of you do something wrong. So if you do the right thing you do not get punished. Yeah and seniors get to punish juniors in some cases. 

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