Boarding School (Punctuality)

Hello everyone! 

I know this is late in coming. Sorry. 😭  You already know how busy I’ve become lately. I know you understand.☺ I’m typing this out at 2:06 am. I don’t know how I’ll wake up tomorrow. Ugh!

Anyway, I’m continuing my attempt at making an interesting blog series. For those who are actually reading and following this series, you remember how I emphasised that lateness is really not tolerated. I hope you actually took note of my essential exaggeration and all. 

On the Saturday.( All names are submitted to the protocol prefect. She assigns every name to a working place and hands the list to the announcer during Saturday lunch)

Well this is what happens to any student who hasn’t yet mastered the skill of dodging and camouflaging to avoid having her name written by some testy prefect. 

1. Your name gets written down. This is when your whole week is ruined because you can’t stop thinking about how you’re going to react to your name being mentioned in the dining hall. You begin to pray that the sheet on which your name has been written mysteriously flies away. Or gets eaten by a mouse at night.

2. None of your prayers are answered and so your name is mentioned in the dining hall. Your full name is mentioned in the presence of over 900 partly hungry partly angry girls ( angry because the dining hall is so hot and stuffy). This is where you pray that your table members don’t hear your name because they  are probably too busy discussing the issue of getting extra beans stew. If you’re even luckier two of your table members can begin to fight and then you’ll have noise which will save you from a bit of public disgrace.

Sometimes,though, the dining hall can be really quiet when the names are being mentioned. This is where you pray you miraculously turn invisible.

3. You are allocated to your working place. You begin to hope that you are not asked to scrub a gutter. ( It is very painful to put your hands in a gutter and pretend you don’t know where all that nasty looking water flowing through it is coming from) One even more painful thing about scrubbing the gutter is getting rid of the dark patches in the gutter. These dark patches just won’t go. They put up an amazing fight against your scrubbing brush and bleach it leaves you breathless and full of respect for their incredible efforts to stick in the gutter. A nice supervisor will appreciate your hard work and ask you to leave them. An annoying one will ask you to look for a rock and scrape away the black patch. The sad part is that using the rock actually works. It’s just too stressful. 

Or you may just get punished to sweep. This is the easy one.

4. You will be subjected to public disgrace. You can hope that you’ll be asked to work in a secluded area like in a class. If you’re made to work somewhere like the ‘attraction lane’ all the juniors and everyone you know will see you scrub your butt of on some pavement. Its name tells it all.

 5. Your survival instinct will be awoken and you’ll begin to find ways to manoeuvre and hide from prefects who my be writing names. Need I explain this? Okay so you basically learn from your mistakes. You begin to see new places you can pass to avoid being detected prefects on standby. 

Sorry for the horrible conclusion. I hope you enjoyed what you read. 

Have a nice day☺☺

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