Know body nose two-marrow.

Hi everyone.

Yeah yeah ignore the  title. I did it to draw your attention. So now that I do have your attention, I have another thing to let you know. Well today, something happened which made me realise that indeed ‘nobody knows tomorrow’. By tomorrow, I mean the next second, or the next minute, or the next hour. So basically, I’m referring to the future.

For lectures, I always  have an umbrella in my bag. FOR OVER FOUR WEEKS I had an umbrella in my bag. You know, for a rainy day.😜 Today, though, I was running a bit late and my bag was getting too heavy so I removed my umbrella. It hadn’t rained for about a week. The sky was clear. There was no sign whatsoever of rain. And guess what?? It rained right after my first class ended today. I was just like…

Stuff like this happens right? I know I know but

NOBODY KNOWS THE FUTURE!! I know it’s obvious. Look at it this way, you don’t know if a car is going to knock you down if you step out your house. Or if the water you’re drinking is going to choke you to your death.(I’m not exaggerating. Things like this happen) Or if you’re going to still be seeing your friends and loved ones. 

My point now is that the future isn’t assured to us. So let’s live like there’s no tomorrow because there probably isn’t. 

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