I’m supposed to continue with my series about boarding school. I’ve failed

I’m supposed to participate  in 3days 3quotes challenge. I’ve failed 

I was supposed to brief ten cases for class. I failed

Ugh! This is me. I wouldn’t say I’m a failure. I’m so not but I just don’t  do what I really have to do.

I’m supposed  to be reading for a test ATM. I’m  failing.

I will certainly do them another time. Anyway, I have something to let you know. 

It’s about a friend I made. He’s called R.( Yeah that’s not his real name. That’s  His initial. Go ahead and take a guess) We met about three weeks ago and long story short I think he likes me. Is that good? Well, I don’t think I like him too. So I guess it’s bad.Truth is, I really don’t think we have a future. He keeps texting me and calling me and I keep ignoring  him and he doesn’t seem to get the message. It irritates me a bit. Oh no I mean A LOT. I feel like I’m  being stalked. He always wants to know where I am on campus so he can see me. We only JUST MET. 

I always try to avoid him yet I keep seeing him. Sad part is that my friends think he’s a nice person  and that he doesn’t  deserve what I’m doing to him. No one is on my side. 😦 

So now I’m the bad guy. But who catches feelings this fast? I only met him and all he’s  interested  in is to come and see me. I hate that. A lot.-_- 

My friends  even text him behind my back using my phone. Ugh!!! They’re trying to get me to like him. Like that will ever happen in a million years. 

I need my life without him back. And my friends too. 

15 thoughts on “R.

  1. swo8 says:

    I got the three days and 3 quotes challenge. I’m struggle with that too. You’re in school and that has got to be the most important thing for you right now. Forget about challenges, forget about writing anything other than what you need to do for school. As for the fellow. Tell him to get lost you’re too busy with school work. Once you set your priorities you won’t feel so pressured.


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