West African Winter ie. HARMATTAN.

Hey everyone!!I’m going to do a little teaching today. Yay! Get ready to write some notes. Thank you Iridescence for helping me get this brilliant Idea. Thank you!!☺☺

It’s winter now right? I don’t know because I don’t experience winter where I come from. Yeah, so I’ve never seen snow before. I’ve not experienced extremely extremely cold weather before. (I’m talking about the negatives). What season do I experience from the ending of November to the middle of March?? Good question. It’s called the HARMATTAN!! 


Yeah. So basically the HARMATTAN occurs when the north east trade winds blow dust from the Saharah Desert over West Africa. Basically. This will make you pronounce it better. I think.

It comes from the Ga word ‘Haramatta’. Ga is a language spoken by some people in southern Ghana. The Gas speak Ga. Get it? I’m trying to make it easy for you now. Below is a picture of the Ga people. Most of them are Fisherfolks.( I know it’s not needed. Just extra information.😅)

Now back to the HARMATTAN.

During HARMATTAN it’s dusty. Especially in the northern part of West Africa. This will show you how dusty it can be.

Now relax. It’s like that in the Northern parts and luckily I live in the South so it’s more like….

Therefore, it’s more foggy and a little less dusty.

Here are some things about this season you should know.

Always apply moisturizers before stepping out of your house. Pts! What am I saying? Apply moisturizers immediately after bathing if you don’t want to have your feet cracked or you just don’t want to look like this….(Viewer discretion is advised.lol)

It’s better to use shea butter or Vaseline if you want to keep your skin properly moisturised for a long time. And yes. You need your lip balm or lip gloss otherwise, trust me. You’ll be sorry. Your lips will also crack.

Lip care is extremely necessary!!

Oh yeah and it’s very cold during the harmattan. I’m very sure winter is colder. But harmattan is also very cold for us West Africans. You need your cardigan and pullovers and sweaters and anything that can keep you warm. Most people don’t go the extra mile to wear leather jackets and all that. Just something little to keep you warm enough will do.

This is all I can tell you for now. If I remember something more I’ll update this. Well, thanks to global warming the harmattan is a bit late where I live this year. HARMATTAN is also a pretty cool season. Aside finding it uncomfortable to breath because of the dryness in the air. Aside all that though I like the harmattan. I think.

I found this book with the title ‘Harmattan’I haven’t read it though. I think it’ll be pretty cool.

I hope you enjoyed reading. Reblog this if you wish to educate more people or just well…


This conclusion officially sucks.

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