My 2017 must haves.

1.I need a new African print backpack for school. One big enough to contain my yet-to-arrive laptop and my books too. Something like this will do.

2.Oh and I need new clothes too. I have decided to transform my wardrobe and stick to African print clothes only. I need your best wishes with that. I already have fabrics that I am yet to sew(not by myself ofcourse) so yay!

3. I want a set of earrings. Have I told you guys that I’m a sucker for dangling earrings? Well, I am. My love story with dangling earrings began this year. 

4. Lipsticks and eyeliners. I don’t apply makeup most of the time. I’ve had makeup on once IN MY WHOLE LIFE. ( And I’m 18) Please don’t laugh. I still don’t like makeup. Just lipsticks and eyeliners will do.

That’s all I really want to have next year. Thank you Saraa for nominating me for the Mystery Blogger Award!❤☺ and El (now K.) get well soon.☺

14 thoughts on “My 2017 must haves.

  1. L. M. B. says:

    Im sure your pretty enough that you don’t need makeup! God made you just fine the way you are! If a guy likes you … he will look into your heart , if he’s just interested in your body … well then its up to you to send him packing or not! For the rest of the things … how can I help? Look after yourself … You’re just starting to live your life. Trust in God … the rest will come on its own somehow or another.


  2. Sasha says:

    Hi,Thanks from visting my blog and following me,glad to meet you.I love your idea to change Africa,Your writings are inspiring.Looking forward to read more of them🙂


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