My 2017 must haves.

1.I need a new African print backpack for school. One big enough to contain my yet-to-arrive laptop and my books too. Something like this will do.

2.Oh and I need new clothes too. I have decided to transform my wardrobe and stick to African print clothes only. I need your best wishes with that. I already have fabrics that I am yet to sew(not by myself ofcourse) so yay!

3. I want a set of earrings. Have I told you guys that I’m a sucker for dangling earrings? Well, I am. My love story with dangling earrings began this year. 

4. Lipsticks and eyeliners. I don’t apply makeup most of the time. I’ve had makeup on once IN MY WHOLE LIFE. ( And I’m 18) Please don’t laugh. I still don’t like makeup. Just lipsticks and eyeliners will do.

That’s all I really want to have next year. Thank you Saraa for nominating me for the Mystery Blogger Award!❤☺ and El (now K.) get well soon.☺


14 Replies to “My 2017 must haves.”

  1. Im sure your pretty enough that you don’t need makeup! God made you just fine the way you are! If a guy likes you … he will look into your heart , if he’s just interested in your body … well then its up to you to send him packing or not! For the rest of the things … how can I help? Look after yourself … You’re just starting to live your life. Trust in God … the rest will come on its own somehow or another.


  2. Hi,Thanks from visting my blog and following me,glad to meet you.I love your idea to change Africa,Your writings are inspiring.Looking forward to read more of them🙂


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