When I tried to create a Gofundme account. (LUPUS)

This is a rant or something like that. Brace yourselves, people. Okay so I wanted to create a gofundme account for women with LUPUS. Now how many of you know what lupus is? Very few I’m sure. Unless you’re a fan of Selina Gomez and you know that she also has lupus then you’ve probably not heard of lupus.

 My mum’s friend died of lupus last year and I’ve been thinking of ways to create awareness because people have absolutely no knowledge when it comes to the very fatal lupus. 

Well, lupus can be deadly if it’s not caused by medications.

What is lupus?

It’s an autoimmune disease in which the body’s own immune system attacks healthy tissues. The body attacks itself!  You are literally your own enemy.

And there’s no cure!! Its symptoms are really unpleasant and sad. Swellings! Sores! Headaches! Memory loss! You name it!

Drugs for lupus are very expensive. And most of the Ghanaian women who get lupus have a 99.9% chance of dying. They get sores all over. And I mean all over! It’s really sad to hear of poor women dying in such a manner. So what did I try to do? I wanted to create a gofundme account for women with lupus. But I COULDN’T. I don’t get why??! There was no way for me to receive payments. The only currencies available were those for Europe, America and Australia. Honestly, it’s a fact that many people need help in Africa. So African currencies should DEFINITELY be included.Gofundme has helped many people and it’ll be very nice if ordinary Africans like me could have access to it.

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