Where are they?

When I began blogging, I met these two great people. They made me feel like this blog was actually going somewhere. Now, I’ve not heard from them and I miss them. Someone help me find CEZANE and BUNNY.(Joker Shayar)

Have a good day.☺

26 thoughts on “Where are they?

  1. Alex Sarll says:

    Hi, I really know what you mean with this! I started blogging about 5 months ago, and got loads of likes and follows in the first 3 months, but then kinda let it slide and lost touch with people.. I’m now trying to get back into it, and get immersed again, but it’s hard! I hope to become a lot more active again now, and start blogging, and commenting and meeting new people. Your blog is awesome, and I love your dream of ‘changing Africa’! I hope to make my little mark on the world as well, and am currently working on a book I hope to get published. You have to dream big right?! Take care.


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