Stone Leigh

Hi everyone!

I’ve been inactive for a long while now. I had exams to write but I’m done now. I was just tired and not in the mood to blog. I’ve basically been wasting my life away the past few days. I finished my exam on Friday, meaning I’m supposed to be home by now but I’m still in school and almost everyone is gone home. I’m just not in the mood to go home. Not in the mood to blog and not in the mood to even eat. I’ve been eating just once a day. And it’s mostly biscuits and some drinks to wash the biscuits down. I’m not eating healthily and I don’t know when that’s gonna end. How have you all been though? I’m not starting 2017 well but hopefully it’ll get better. Anyway, this title is the meaning of my crush’s name. Can you take a guess?  It’s weird how we met. I kept running into him for days so much that it became awkward. One time, I met him on the staircase in my friend’s hostel. And I turned in time to catch him staring. I was so flattered. It’s a good sign right? I think I’m over Ted now so yay! This was his display picture on whatsapp. (TED)

I don’t know if he’s referring to me but whatever. I texted Stone Leigh after my friend took days to convince me that he was mortal. I was so anxious. I just found out I have some sort of social anxiety. After sending him ‘hey’. My palms were sweating and I was shivering. It’s normal right? He replied after hours and I woke up to see his reply. I just hope I can get to know him and maybe be friends. I really want to know him and be close to him. (Ugh now that’s cheesy, Adoma)

He has really cool friends and I feel like he’s way outta my league. He seems rich and that scares me. I hope Stanley likes who I am. 

Bye guys.

This is a song I’m now in love with. Why is this so underrated?

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