Pictures you should see☺(Saying goodbye to a royal)

Hey everyone! 

I’m going to show you images from the funeral of the Queen mother of the Asante land. You remember I told you I’m an Akan. I belong to the Akan tribe called Ashanti (corrupted name given to us by the Europeans).  Well I can’t be prouder about my culture.

Before I start, know that for Asantes funerals are a big deal! So the burial of the Queen mother herself is an even bigger deal. That’s why four days were set aside for her burial.

Here are some images I would like to share with you.


This is the chief of the Asante kingdom surrounded by his elders. He’s Nana Otumfuor Osei Tutu II. Just so you know, the swords they’re holding are made of pure gold. They’re wearing black because it’s a day of mourning (duhh) but on an ordinary day the Asantehene (Chief of the Asante kingdom) looks more like this

He’s clothed in pure gold and the royal cloth called kente.


There was a lot of dancing at the burial with every graceful move having it’s own meaning.

The dance of Asantes (as well as other Akans) is called Adowa.


There were local warriors or should I say protectors of the land called Abrafuor. I don’t know if I should call them soldiers because in the past they used to fight wars and win battles for the Asante empire. Right now, they mainly protect the Asantehene.

They look pretty scary for good reasons. 


There were priests too. Asantes weren’t Christians before the coming of the Europeans. We believed in the gods. We believed in instant punishment from the gods. We believed that when we live right and we die we become ancestors and have the opportunity to protect our descendants. We believed in the ability of the gods to manifest through chosen people.   These people are the priests and priestesses (akomfour). This is what they look like

Other chiefs from other tribes came to pay their respects.

Here is the Akwamuhene(Chief of the Akwamu kingdom). What he’s wearing is 400 years old. What??

Here are other chiefs present

From the northern region of Ghana

 Seated from other regions

Okay now how can I  not talk about the old Asantehemaa herself?

Now here she lies

 Here is her replacement


You can always visit the palace of the Otumfuor in the capital of the Asante kingdom ( Kumasi)

Here’s a video for those interested. 


15 thoughts on “Pictures you should see☺(Saying goodbye to a royal)

  1. levishedated (Robert C Day) says:

    Hey Adoma – how you doing? 🙂
    You just popped a Like on my blog and so I’m here returning the favour!
    This is a great set of photographs and a fascinating insight into a world I would never have suspected existed. Yeah, I should have prolly seen it on TV except that I don’t have one. England is cold right now and so I’m warming my hands on your blog – hope you don’t mind. 🙂
    So – how much love are you having for Greenland right now?
    Kindness – Robert.


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