A pinch of nostalgia

Hi guys!

I found these pictures of my best friend and I in boarding school. We were allowed to bring cameras in final year to record our last moments. Phones were  STRICTLY  prohibited. Very strictly prohibited.

PS: We weren’t looking our best. Viewer discretion is advised.lol

So let’s get down to business….

Oh yeah we kept our hair short. Like extremely short. I think it’s to keep us from getting distracted or something. It’s totally normal to see girls walking around with hair this low. Don’t panic.lol

She hates them so I can’t post them elsewhere. Thank God for WP!

These were the only kinds of sandals we could wear. We had no access to pedicure and manicure. Excuse our feet.lol

Close your eyes. She’s almost naked.This was taken in my dorm. And let’s pretend that her smile doesn’t look forced. Thank you.

Have a great day everyone.

Bye x…

25 thoughts on “A pinch of nostalgia

    • GirlfromGhana says:

      They wanted us to pay more attention to our books. And it was also to protect the credibility of our results. I don’t mean to brag but we do amazingly well and people don’t understand that. Our school has been investigated a number of times because of that. So preventing us from bringing our phones to school is a safe measure.

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      • bursh1 says:

        Mmm, I like that, that’s very nice, so schools still do have power to prohibit students from using phones in the school this 21st century and be successful on that aspect? For me it’s really a great achievement and it will probably help you people a lot…..


      • GirlfromGhana says:

        I can say that it’s only in my school. I’m yet to hear about another school in Ghana that comes close to us when it comes to discipline. It has certainly really helped us. Thanks for reading.☺

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