Fine anxiety


Fine, I’ll just walk away and pretend it never happened

Like I always do

I’ll just pretend that I haven’t spent days rehearsing to say hi

Like what I feel is not true

I’ll just will my head to stay focused on what’s much important

Like that’s not you

Maybe the tears in my eyes are washing for me a new beginning

Maybe the anxiety in my head will end with this writing

And then I wouldn’t be scared

And, yes, I’ll overcome this fear

I will talk to you

I wouldn’t walk away

When I’m so close to you

I wouldn’t run out of things to say

When I look at you

Oh yes, maybe one day I’ll say hello too

Because for someone with my anxiety

That’s the most I can do.

This is the second poem on my blog . I decided to do this after reading a response by flawed silence to an instagram tag. I was supposed to begin my poem with her last word ‘fine’. I hope you like it. And please it’s not based on a real experience. -_-

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