Breakups are physical too

Breakups are really underrated. I just realised that today. I don’t have much experience when it comes to love but I’ve watched a lot of movies and I’ve also had a fair number of crushes that have taught me a thing or two. Yesterday, my best friend’s boyfriend broke up with her over text.

After he ended their call on Skype. He sent her this text.

Him: Bye

Her: Bye. You’re leaving?

Him: I’m leaving us. I loved you

Her: You don’t want to do this. I love you

Him: Bye. I don’t wanna talk to you


Him: Bye

Her: *insert name* ? NO. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? I’M CALLING YOU.

Him: Don’t dare. I don’t need you. Stay out of my life. Just understand

Oh and yeah, he said they could remain bestfriends and make out if she still wanted to. (Like do people really say that?)

Her hands were shaking. She was hurt not just emotionally. She was in physical pain and she let the pain out in tears. It’s not easy to have someone you love leave your life. And say such silly things as they walk away from you. It’s painful not inwardly alone but outwardly too. It’s like being hit by a bus, getting slapped by a lunatic or just being beaten. You can actually feel it. Especially when it’s so sudden.

Breakups can affect your mental health as well. I think that people who go through serious breakups should be regarded as unwell and yeah, they also deserve attention and care. A lot. Breakups lead to suicides, in some cases, forgotten? The point I’m trying to make here is that breakups aren’t just somethings to make fun about. People need help when they’re going through breakups because some can be really nasty. BREAKUPS ARE ALSO BIG DEALS. They scar people and influence the rest of their lives. Maybe the next time someone goes through a breakup, don’t just say they’ll get over it. Be there and just listen.

PS: It was just a prank.


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