I just started watching this series and I love it. I haven’t even finished the first season and I must say that I’m more than in love. No, this isn’t a review. It’s just a post to express the love I have developed for this series. I’m quite late because it was created in 2015 but hey my love remains unshaken. lol

PS: I don’t even know why I used the word love so many times. -_-

Have a nice day people!

7 thoughts on “Quantico

  1. ayushi says:

    I watched it as soon as it had aired because it had one my fav actresses in the lead role.
    The first season is good, but sadly enough, the second isn’t that great ; eventually I stopped.
    How did you like the second season?

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    • GirlfromGhana says:

      I’m yet to watch the second season. I think the first season is great too. At a point, it looked like they wanted to prolong it but it’s still good. I’ll let you know my thoughts as soon as I finish the second season. 🙂


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