God, you love me too, right?

God, do you love me too?

Even though I think wearing clothes above your knee is not a sin

And writing to you on my laptop is better than going to church and not really feeling any connection to you.

Is there a place in heaven for a girl who doesn’t think that wearing rings and anklets is wrong

And that having multiple piercings and tattoos doesn’t make you evil

And drinking alcohol is okay because sometimes it just takes the pain away?

Am I bad person? One who deserves some deliverance?

Because what I believe is different, not traditional?

Is there a place in your heart for me?

Someone who sees nothing wrong with being friends with queer people and Buddists?

Someone who doesn’t believe in witchcraft and thinks that singing certain ‘wordly’ songs is okay

God, you love me too right?





Thanks for reading. I’m going to make a follow up post to explain what inspired this. Stay alive! xo

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