God, you love me too, right? ( Follow up post)

Before you read this post, go read my poem God, you love me too, right?

Now that you’ve read the poem, let me go ahead and explain some important things you should know.

I come from Ghana. Ghana is a peaceful Christian country with it’s own beliefs. Let me go deeper for you.

Well in Ghana, wearing short clothing (anything a few inches above your knee) for a girl is bad. Very bad. I’m not in favour of wearing clothes that expose too much of what your mama gave you but sometimes letting a little breeze blow around your legs is not a bad idea. This is not just a Ghanaian thing, I guess it’s like that in many African countries. Sometimes, it bothers me.

It bothers me because the image everyone gets when you’re wearing ‘skimpy’ clothing is that you’re a bad girl. To make it easier for you reading this, it basically means you’re a hoe trying to attract males. It’s annoying how people can judge you based on what you wear just like that. For someone who has never had a boyfriend and isn’t soliciting for male customers for any sexual relations, it’s painful to know that that’s what the eyes that follow you as you pass by see. An indecent shameless girl.

I don’t know if I want to call myself a Christian. I don’t think I can identify with Ghanaian Christians these days. I only believe that Jesus came to die for my sins and that the Bible is the manual I need for my walk in this world, that’s all. It makes it difficult for me to feel at home in church because the church is too judgemental for my liking.  Everyone, well almost everone, sees wearing anklets as wrong and having multiple piercings as terribly wrong. And I’m still waiting for tangible reasons why these are frowned upon. I’m not even going to talk about tattoos since those ones are more like taboos.

Drinking alcohol is bad

Gay people are evil and possessed (Ghanaian Christians are homophobic)

Hinduism,Buddism, and many other religions are too strange to be accepted.

People should sing only gospel songs. Any other song is ‘worldly’. Worldly is bad.

Nothing bad just happens, blame it on witchcraft.

Doing all that has been listed above can lead you to hell. No one wants to go to hell, right?

These are just a few things many Ghanaian Christians strongly believe. Ghanaians are beautiful people. I’m sure these things will run through many African countries. It is what it is. Ghanaians will still remain amazing people. Every good thing has its BUTS…

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