Reserved for Night (Follow up Post)

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Reading this might make you uncomfortable but it’s the truth. Before I published Reserved for Night on my blog, I was hesitant. What were people going to think? I was scared that people were going to mistake the character for me. But then again, so what if it’s me? The fact is that children are teaching children how to finger themselves. Children are teaching children how to insert their little penises into other children’s vaginas. Is it their fault? I don’t know.

If you still don’t know what the game is, let me announce to you that it’s sex. And yes, many children play it. They play it with the children closest to them. Those are siblings and cousins and even classmates. Yes, it’s absolutely wrong but what do parents and guardians do when they find out? They handle it the African way, thrashings. I’m not totally against spanking a child. I was brought up with the cane as my teacher. In this case, spanking the child alone doesn’t totally work. It teaches them to hide it; to not get caught. So how then should parents handle it? I don’t know.

Nannies, uncles, older cousins, step-fathers and mothers, family friends, brothers and sisters in Christ are the ones responsible for taking away the innocence of these children. So how about we delve more into the issue of child incest or whatever you want to call this? It will be hard because the children find it difficult to come out. Who can say, “Hey, last night my brother put his penis in my ‘secret garden’?”

I don’t know how this can be dealt with. I don’t know how this can be stopped. Just like how I wrote my first story about skinny shaming (if it’s a word) and the second about divorce, this one is, again, for child incest or whatever.


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