Reserved for Night


It is a game; we play it every night. Joojo taught me how to play. It’s easy and everyone is happy in the end. We play and then go to sleep. Sometimes, I’m tired and sleepy but Joojo insists that he wants me to play with him before I sleep. So we play together. When I’m not in the mood to play at all, he gets angry and he shouts at me. He tells me that he’ll report to Auntie Asabea that I stole some of Baby Junior’s milk. It was just once, but Joojo doesn’t let me hear the end of it. When I still say no, he says that he’ll tell my classmates that I pee in bed. So I say yes and we play together.

When Fiifi comes around to sleep over, he joins us to play too. Joojo goes first because he can play better. Fiifi follows. Then Joojo comes again. Sometimes Joojo tries to cheat but then Fiifi doesn’t allow him to. Everyone has five minutes each. That makes it fair enough. Baby Junior is the time keeper. Joojo sets the time and gives it to him to hold. Baby Junior likes to hold Joojo’s  phone because he has a picture of Ben 10 as his wallpaper. Only Joojo has a phone. After every 5 minutes, the alarm on the phone rings and Baby Junior cheers. Then they rotate. Sometimes, I enjoy playing but other times it’s painful so, I tell Joojo and Fiifi to be gentle. We play together till somehow we all fall asleep.

Sister Adwoa, the nanny, taught Joojo and Joojo taught Fiifi and Fiifi is teaching Mensima, his other cousin. One Friday night, Auntie Asabea walked in on us. She screamed and called for Uncle Kojo. “This abomination will not continue in my house. Oh God, where from this?” Uncle Kojo came along with a cane and gave Fiifi and I six lashes each. He gave Joojo ten lashes because he was the eldest. Joojo was eleven years old and Fiifi and I were eight. The spankings were so painful that we couldn’t stop crying. Sister Adwoa just looked on. Uncle Kojo asked us to get on our knees and he told us to remember that we should never play the game again. Otherwise, he will send us away and give us to the man who eats children. They said his name was Bin Laden. That night, I talked to mummy and daddy. I asked them when they will come back from heaven because I was scared.

Just last night, when I was going downstairs to have a glass of water, I saw Uncle Kojo and Auntie Asabea playing the same game. I was annoyed and confused. I’m pretty sure Auntie Asabea was crying but I was too angry at her to tell Uncle Kojo to be gentle. They don’t even know how to play it well. When I came back to our room, I told Joojo what I saw; and we played the game again. This time, we shut the door.

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