Sailing through [Poem]

Do you feel like you’re just sailing through life?

Like you’re just another misplaced soul walking the surface of the earth

And you don’t even take note of the days of the week

Like you’re just on a raft floating somewhere in the middle of the ocean with your sunglasses on

Relaxing or not really

Not caring if there’s going to be a wave crashing anytime soon and which might cause you to drown

You’re not stressing yourself

Just taking on life one breath at a time

You’re not sad, you’re not angry, you are just numb or maybe not

You don’t really care what the future holds and you’re just waiting for something to happen

Something that will bring back the excitement in life

Something that will make you do something

Maybe you’re not waiting for anything to happen

You just want to get life over with

You’re not suicidal though

You are just there, you know?

Ugh what am I saying?

You get me, don’t you?

Okay, maybe I’m just being weird


Nothing bothers you anymore

You don’t want to continue to stress yourself over certain things

Because you don’t know if they are really worth it

This is how I feel

I don’t know




All rights Reserved.

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