Find a friend

This poem is important!


Hello dear you, how do you do?

Is everything alright?

Or do you feel it too?

Do you feel like you’ll always be alone?

That in such times the coarse intertwine of the hang rope is your only friend?

That your mortal body and mind can no longer hold your fractured soul?

That all the eyes on you only see right through?

That you’ll never be the focus

And that their feelings will never be true?

Maybe they never will

But also

Maybe they will

And so isn’t life worth a shot?

As long as you have hope, you’ll never be alone

And in times that you do:

Find a friend

In the golden rays of the sun when they kiss your skin

And your body glows with the buzzing energy of the stars

While they light up the good vibes in nature

Making the flowers happy

And all is…

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