Narrow escape (My experience with terrible people)

He licked his lips one more time. I was trying to will myself to act normal. Stay calm, Afua, just relax. His eyes were fixed on my thighs, then my breasts and then back to my thighs. At that moment, I began thinking about what I was going to do if he tried anything. There was nothing I could do, honestly, since I was sitting beside the window. This well-dressed maniac was the closest person to me. He was shaking his legs now and fidgeting and the psycho was still staring at me. I was so frightened. This is the bus, nobody tries insane things in a bus right?

His friend who was sitting behind us stretched to whisper something into his ears. I can’t guess what he said but whatever he said was bad, I felt it. After whispering whatever psychotic plan he had to tell his friend, he smirked at me. Then my heart dropped into my stomach. I started praying like the Christian girl I am. “Lord protect me, please.” My poor mother will be so devastated if they kill me. I’m her only daughter, she never ceases to remind me to take good care of myself. Maybe they just plan on robbing me. That’ll be fine. I mean, it’ll be better than all the horrific scenarios I’m picturing in my head. It was an election year.

“Lady at the back, where will you alight?” the bus conductor asked me. “First Junction, please,” I responded. I immediately felt dizzy when the two weirdos also told the mate that they’ll get down at the same First Junction. This can’t possibly be a coincidence. God, what am I going to do? I have to go home. My phone was off. First Junction is a public place, they can’t do anything in the full glare of the public. But what if they follow me to a secluded place on my way home? I had to think fast since we were almost at my destination.

The bus stopped and the guy and his friend got down. They didn’t leave though. They were waiting for the bus conductor to take their things out. Only God knows what abominable things were hidden in those black plastic bags. Outside of the bus, I could still feel his gaze. He almost looked confused. Like he was expecting me to get off the bus too. I wanted to show him my middle finger but I was still too scared because the bus was stationary. His friend also turned to look at me with a plastic bag in his hand. I immediately looked away and allowed the bus to take off and take me somewhere nowhere near my house. It’s better safe than sorry.



This actually happened to me when I took a bus from where I was interning to my house. At first, I thought he was going to pull a knife on me. I don’t know what the two had in mind to do to me and I thank God I never found out. I’m just sad that I couldn’t report them and they’re still free. I just hope that no young girl falls victim to any of their schemes. I also pray for wisdom for any of their potential victims. Thank you all for reading.

Have you had a similar experience? Share it with me in the comments.

Btw, this is how a typical Ghanaian public bus looks like. They’re are popularly called trotro.




21 thoughts on “Narrow escape (My experience with terrible people)

  1. ignitedmoth says:

    That is so scary! I’m really glad you got away from those creeps unharmed.
    I’ve been in situations like that before, too. Not on a bus, but in equally public places where you would like to think you’d be safe, but you just never know with some people.
    Your writing on this experience was really well done. As the reader, it really puts you right there with the girl on the bus and you feel her vulnerability and fear like it’s your own.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. whitebearonline says:

    Unbelievable… Actually, this is totally believable. There’s nothing left for girls than to be terrified of what that kind of man can do. Unfortunately, that’s who life is – men seem powerful and dominant, and women are submissive. It’s 2017… but people’s brains don’t think so.
    In my sociology class, we were discussing the gender roles and stereotypes. Having seen so many ads showing violence towards women, honestly, doesn’t make me wonder why females are being intimidated by sketchy men on the bus.
    I’m infinitely glad that you’re ok and you had a chance to escape this unpleasant (I’m sure you can choose a better word for this) situation. I’ve seen many men on the bus, in cafes, on the street, and I wish I’ve never felt what I felt before.
    We should know that not every man is going to rape you when you are walking down the street late at night. But it is better to be safe than sorry. Look out for yourself, but do not lose hope in men. I can give plenty examples of the most kind and mature male deeds I’ve experienced.

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    • GirlfromGhana says:

      Thank you so much. I totally agree with you. I still have hope in men despite this. There’s just an uncontrollable feeling of panic when you’re surrounded by men like that. Thanks for your nice comment. 🙂

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