Suicide is a crime in Ghana! Mental Health Awareness Week


Hey guys,

Today, I’m going to be discussing mental health in Ghana. This is some sort of tag by the blog, The Indian Avaaz and I was happy when Gracie tagged me to do this special post to help create awareness about mental health. Honestly, I know very little about mental health. This is because it is not something that is taken very seriously where I come from. Until you’re walking down the streets screaming and talking to yourself for no reason, you’re fine. Schizophrenia, Social anxiety, depression, ADHD, Multiple Personality Disoder, PTSD, OCDs are things I know very little about. Thanks to the internet and blogging, I’ve learnt quite a lot. But I still don’t think I’m in the right position to say much about Mental Health. I live in a country where some people think it’s okay to say “Who kills herself over a boy?” or “That’s not even serious enough to merit suicide.” or “She jumped from the fourth floor? That’s way cooler than the other girl who just hanged herself.”

  1. A sixteen year old girl killed herself and her mother still doesn’t know why.
  2. The daughter of a member of parliament killed herself leaving a note which read, “Sorry Mummy and Daddy for not being the daughter you want me to be.”
  3. A girl in the University of Ghana jumped from the fourth floor of her hall and didn’t live to tell why.
  4. A policewoman was found dead with her gun in a hand and a gun shot wound.
  5. A pregnant Ghanaian lady jumped a high rise building after being disappointed by her husband.

All these happened in the first quarter of the year. I hope you’ve noticed that they are all females. The thing is that suicide is not common in Ghana. So if these number of cases have been reported in such a short while then, it calls for serious attention. Very little research has been done concerning mental health. People still blame the victim! Some people showed a lot of concern when the suicide cases increased but that attention has faded away with time.


Instead of seeing attempted suicide as a sign of mental illness, it is seen as a crime. You actually get sent to jail for wanting to escape the pain and difficulty of the world. That’s just preposterous! But not much is being done to change that. What can I do about it? Not many Ghanaians read my blog to start with.


Here’s Adwoa, she killed herself in her room in uni with a rope and left the note below. She was 18.

Adwoa's note.jpg

At this point, I have to nominate two other bloggers to create awareness about Mental Health.

I nominate



I also have to leave a helpline but I don’t know about any Ghanaian helpline for Mental Health. So I’ll leave you with a link to where you get to talk to kind volunteers about your mental health issues. Here‘s the link.

I hope you liked this.

Have a nice day peepz!


28 thoughts on “Suicide is a crime in Ghana! Mental Health Awareness Week

  1. Marie Abanga says:

    I am a mental health advocate and have personal experiences. I am equally from a country (Cameroon) where there is barely any policy on mental health. Few Cameroonians read my blog too but I have just kept up my thing. Through out this month each and every day I blogged to raise awareness , one day we’ll get that voice in Africa, one small voice at a time. Keep blogging GG, I’ll be in Accra in July and you never know who you can run into

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      • Marie Abanga says:

        Nana, I just read your post about the flood and oh how very sad. I hope the government have taken measures to prevent such tragedies again. I am excited to know one daughter of the soil ( As in Ghanian soil lol) now. I’ll let you know how my plans turn up. Keep writing you’ve got it.

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  3. MentalChillness says:

    Technically suicide is a crime in the US also because the police aren’t allowed to enter a residence without proof that something illegal is happening. Because suicide is technically illegal if someone reports a friend or family member may be about to harm themselves, police officers can enter the residence and help.

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