What the June 3rd disaster taught me.

I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already.

Girl from ghana by Adoma

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June 3rd 2.jpg

I was in class when we heard the news. I was in class with 35 other girls, some of whom had parents in Accra where the incident happened. Now it’s called the June 3rd disaster. Sometimes, being in boarding school can be a pain. We didn’t have access to the news except the bits and pieces we got from the newspapers that come in quite late. Our teachers were our only sources of information at the time. My English teacher showed the whole class pictures of the incident on her phone. We saw the numerous burnt cars which had people in them. We saw the charred bodies of people who were once aunties and uncles. We saw the black distorted Shell filling station with the cars and buses that went to take shelter there. We saw things that made some girls cry.

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