A virgin’s (ie. my) letter to her first.

Hey you! 

You’re most likely my first boyfriend, preferably Mexican. I’ve always wanted to lose my virginity to my husband on our wedding night with rose petals all over the place and some cool blues playing in the background. You know, all that corny cliché stuff.

But if you’re not my husband, that’s okay. Uh…on second thought no, it’s not. I mean, I’ve kept my womanhood tight and lips sealed to all those who have tried to kiss me for 18 years and more! (It’s only one person but you get my point, right?) My heart is still unbroken for YOU. So you sure as hell have to be my husband first. (I’m old school too so I’d rather wait till marriage)

Anyway, know that I’m scared. I might probably cry before or better still after the sex because it means a lot to me and I’m a sick crybaby. Showing you my body, my nakedness, and allowing you to look fully at all that I’m insecure about should make you understand that I love you. Also know that I trust You too: a lot. That’s what scares me but never mind. 

I hope you find me beautiful. Even with the stretch marks on both butt cheeks and the darker shade my butt insists on having despite all the scrubbing I’ve done. Even with my slender body and not-so-voluptuous behind tell me how much I’m out-of-the-world gorgeous because I’ll foolishly believe you.

Be gentle, take your time and don’t rush the moment because if I decided to lose my virginity to you, I’m not changing my mind. I may be a virgin but I’m not naïve at all, trust me 😉 . Make it worth the wait. Take care of my heart and body because now it’s yours too.

Nana Adoma + whatever your surname may be.

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