Bride for Rent (Movie Review)

Hey guys,

This is my first movie review and I hope you like it. I’m not exactly a fan of Filipino movies or series even though I’ve watched a few. In my opinion, they’re usually one-way. You know, almost cliché. Maybe I’m yet to watch the exciting ones but this is my observation so far. (Their advertisements on the other hand are incredible! Aahh) 

Anyway, a friend of mine gave me this movie to watch and I just felt that I had to do a review of some sort. Let’s get on to it!

First and foremost, I think the movie is very predictable. I literally guessed the plot of the movie and I wasn’t wrong. I didn’t have to be a genius to know that the two main characters were going to fall in love and get married. (Talking about cliché)

Okay. So, the movie is about your typical I-don’t-believe-in-love-and-commitment guy who hired a girl to act as his wife so he could get access to money in his grandmother’s trust. Long story short, his grandma found out, used the girl to teach him a lesson and in the course of that they fell in love and got married. Yeah, it’s that simple. 

What I loved most about the movie was the humour. The movie was so funny (that’s what you do when you have a very predictable story line, no?) The attempts by some characters to speak English was hilarious. It was even adorable at a point. The guy’s friend Javier and the female lead Rocky especially added so much to the humour.

It was a romantic movie alright, but I can count, without using all my five fingers, the number of times they kissed in the movie. So yeah there was no sex, none at all. I really like that. I mean, if the movie had been made in Hollywood that would obviously not be the case. Sigh) I like that they didn’t bring love down to just kissing and sex. They actually waited till marriage. (Goals!)

I loved loved the scenes where they inserted real couples talking about how they’ve kept their marriages etc. It was lovely.

But but but…in the beginning, I didn’t quite enjoy the acting. It was like they were trying too hard. (Maybe it’s just me) As the movie went along though, it became better and totally enjoyable. It ended well, I must say.

This is actually a movie I’ll like to watch thrice. (And I don’t even like watching movies twice) It’s very relaxing and great to watch with the whole family. However, I’m still going to give it three stars because you can’t use an obviously Filipino man to act as an American dad. That was a no no because I’m pretty certain that if they had searched hard enough they would have found a real American to play the role. I mean, there are Americans in the Philippines, right?

3 thoughts on “Bride for Rent (Movie Review)

  1. Esther says:

    What’s the deal with American dad’s? I believe it was basically to show he had a very privileged childhood and was well traveled.

    Anyway, the movie is alright. You should check “Must Date The Playboy”. It was played by the same couple in “Bride For Rent”. It was interesting too.

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