Life update: long vacation + new music favourites

We’ve been on vacation for almost a month and I’m still at home. I haven’t really done much except sleeping, listening to a few songs here and there, watching movies and sleeping again. This is bad, I know, but I’m still trying to figure out what to do. Last year I was an intern at a law firm and this year I didn’t really feel ready to go back immediately after school. (The internship wasn’t bad, honestly. I’m just being lazy.) I went to pay them a visit last week and the lawyers seemed happy to see me. I’m actually thinking about starting next month, God willing. Sigh.

I’m totally in love with Dua Lipa’s Lost in Your Light ft Miguel and Mø’s Nights With You. These songs are literally my songs for the vacation. Oh and DJ Khaled’s I’m the One too. Did I almost forget to mention John Legend’s Surefire? That song is my new favorite song! Why didn’t I state it first? (Really Adoma?) And the official video is just beautiful. I looove the story behind it. I’m going to say no more. Aahhh

My agenda for this holiday period consists of two goals.

  • Getting my Driver’s license
  • Getting my passport


  • Interning for a month at least

So make it three. I’m now going to get my passport after 18 years. The whole world must be ahead of me. (Ignore this very unnecessary hyperbole)

How is your vacation going? Are you traveling or doing nothing like me? Do you know/ like/ love/ hate any of the songs I mentioned? Let me know!



14 thoughts on “Life update: long vacation + new music favourites

  1. Esther says:

    Well I’m just in school. Interesting enough. I like school.

    The intern was cool yeah? I hope to intern once I’m done with this semester though
    …and you can drive? That’s so cool.


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