Ancient hairstyles my great grandma must have rocked.

Apparently, there’s a place in the Bible that says a woman’s hair is her glory. I couldn’t agree more. Remember the post I made about modern African Hairstyles? The one I mistakenly deleted and will have to post again, remember? No? Okay, this is about the styles my great grandmother and her great grandmother used to crown their heads with. 

They mostly used just thread in those days. With just a thread and the skillful hands of your mother, grandmother or your gossip partner (aka. Best friend) ,you can have a bomb hairstyle in a few minutes. It’s that easy. 

Here are some photos I searched and searched for for you, my lovely familia.

In no particular order I present to you…

Hairstyle Numero Uno

This is the front. 

Here’s the profile.

I don’t know what they called this but it must have been pretty cool at that time. I mean, you quickly get your hair done before the sky is moonlit so your crush can check you out whiles the old woman in the town tells everyone folktales. Those must have been fine times indeed. Sigh

Here’s a sister hairstyle.


First off, omg how did they get the hair to legit stand? This is not the work of thread alone, for sure. And why does this remind me of ancient Egypt?

Number Three

This is between modern and ancient. It looks like something I’ve done before. Let me not bother you with the hairstyles my little head suffered from my grandma. That’s a story for another day, famz.


This is like thread cornrows. I haven’t seen anyone do this right now but I sure would like to see some melanin goddess rock this!

More photos for the fandem!

There are hundreds more ancient hairstyles but here are the few I thought y’all should see.

I’m going to have to repost the modern African hairstyles for you. Keep yourself updated.


Fandem: fans

Famz: family. (I was hoping it was obvious but whatevs)

Y’all: You all, duh.

Have you seen my last blog post? No, you haven’t dear. Click here to see it.



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