Goofing around(photos) + Peter Pan

Hey guys,
So yesterday, I went out with my best friend. Well, we didn’t go out out. I was going to fix some problems with my hostel registration and we decided to meet up.

First off, I haaateee taking pictures. Like, I’m so not photogenic it’s even sad. My pictures look better without my face in them. Yeah, that’s how bad it is. But we decided to play around and take photos like the models we are. *ahem*

Here’s one and look how great it turned out. Because my face is hidden. You see?

I trust you guys so here’s my face. TADAA. I swear I have seen better days. You do realise all these are off guard right? You don’t want to see the ones I actually posed for. Kai! (See glossary below)

One more for the fans. Ahaha!

Now here’s my best friend famzz

Take a look at this gorgeous Thing!! I didn’t even have to edit it. Liikeee your wcw can never ever… Lool. So here she is, and can someone give me a round of applause for my photography and editing in the rest? (More like a standing ovation?) Okay guys, I ate fufu this evening and I think the groundnut soup is making me high or something. Is that even possible? Anyway, these were the best photos I could find. And by the way, that’s how the hallways of my hostel look like. 

This is the outside of the hostel. That’s another hostel block behind her.

Luckily, no one was there to see us embarrass ourselves.

Why Peter Pan? Well, we went to a restaurant called Peter Pan afterwards. I took photos of only my friend there. Also, I’m listening to Lost Boys by Ruby B. Total coincidence, friends and family. Lool


Kai- An exclamatory remark of disgust. Synonymous to Ew/Yuck etc, yeah.

Fufu- An amazing meal of pounded cassava and plantain or pounded cassava and/ cocoyam etc. I think saying pounded tubers covers everything.

This is the sexiest fufu and groundnut/peanut soup I could find on google. Sigh



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