When I run out of data… (Apps + Screenshots)

Is it just me or using the internet can be quite expensive? Or it’s probably like this only in Ghana. To be honest, if I calculate all that I’ve spent on buying data, I might be able to use that to buy my dream camera. That’s not what I’m going to talk about today, by the way.

I’m going to be talking about apps! Even better, this is about apps that don’t require internet connection. (This calls for some rejoicing, fellas)
Now, I’m going to share with you some helpful apps I have on my phone. This is not sponsored omg. (I wish)

I’m going to start with games. I wasn’t a fan of phone games until recently. I had zero games on my phone at first. I mean, nada!

Except that I have the very useful Merriam-Webster’s dictionary on my phone and I play the word games once a while. This is the best offline dictionary I have ever downloaded, no kidding.

After playing some word games. I thought that it wouldn’t be bad to have real games on my phone.
So I went to my 9 year old brother for his expert advice on games and everything game related. And this game-wise (pun intended) little boy told me to download Octopie by the Game Shakers.

I realised he had seen Octopie in one Game Shakers Episode and wanted it. The boy used me. But I actually like Octopie so it’s fine. It’s isn’t so easy. Sometimes it can be frustrating but it’s still a nice game to play. I like the way it is colourful. As you can see, the quality is great.

After Octopie, my brother also told me about Sky Whale, another game by the Game Shakers. Since I liked Octopie, I thought “Why not?” I was bad at this game at first but now ya girl issa pro!

So now, I have two Nickelodeon games on my phone.
Moving on…

I love the English language. It’s nice to have a great vocabulary. So in addition to the Merriam-Webster dictionary app I have already, I decided to download this word search app.

It hasn’t helped my vocabulary, honestly. However, it has been fun and word search games make you smarter, no? Who doesn’t want to be smart?

Since, I’ve been on holidays I feel like I haven’t done any learning. I don’t want to keep my brain dull and inactive (not that my brain is dead and I haven’t been thinking and doing other brain activities. Lol) so I downloaded this memory booster game. I want to have a better mental faculty when I get to school next semester. (Does this make sense?)

Well, I still can’t tell if my memory has improved but I’m going to wait till next semester to decide.

Finally, WordPress!…. What??

I have the WordPress app which allows me to create posts offline (like I’m doing now). I get to read some posts which have already loaded unto my phone. You can edit posts and wait till you’re online to upload them.

I love Photogrid. This is the only photo editing app I have on my phone and I like it like that. I use it to instasize, crop, and edit my pictures in other ways. There are a lot filters to choose from and the app is easy to use.

That’s my brother and mum, by the way. 🙂

So there you have it, my beaus et belles, these are the apps I use when I run out of data and can’t use the internet on my phone.

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Nice day!


4 thoughts on “When I run out of data… (Apps + Screenshots)

  1. Esther says:

    I know the Marriam Webster dictionary app and it’s helpful, though I have another dictionary that can also help pronounce the words even when online. I mostly use the Webster dictionary when I want to play the game.

    I also have the photo grid app! Also the only photo editing app, which I use for customized pictures on my blog…e. t. c.

    Enjoyed reading this!


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