When I have data…(apps + screenshots)


If you haven’t read my previous post, When I run out of data… (Apps + screenshots) click on here to check it out. Okay guys, so I made a post on what apps I use on my phone when I run out of data and have no access to the internet.

Now, this is the other way round. This is about my favorite apps to use when I have the luxury of accessing the internet. (This is totally not sponsored) Yes, it’s a luxury because it is pretty expensive here. Nothing is more annoying than getting these texts from Vodafone, my service provider, after using the internet for like 2 seconds. Lol

Number one for me is WhatsApp

I’m sure many of you have the app already so i won’t say much. For those who don’t, know that it is way cheaper than using SMS. You can tell if the person has read your text. You can send images, videos, voice notes and others. It is faster and very easy to use. You can create group chats for many purposes. Etc etc Look how dry my phone is though.

Next is  Twitter

Twitter has suddenly become my favourite app for so many reasons. I get to have a good laugh like everyday. I’m always informed about what’s happening around me. I get to see what other bloggers and people are app to. (Pun intended) It’s great, guys. It’s not number one because some people i text dont have the app so i use Whatsapp rather. I know many bloggers are on Twitter and will totally agree with me. Follow me if you already aren’t. 😉

Third app for me is WordPress
I get to read blog posts, create and publish my blog Posts, comment and respond to comments, like posts and follow other blogs and many more. This app is easy to use when you are on the go and can’t bring your laptop or PC along. Creating posts can sometimes be tiresome but all in all it’s good.

Also, there’s Instagram.
I manage two accounts on Instagram and I must say that I haven’t been very active recently. However, do follow madein.ghana and my personal account adoma.adei. Instagram is great for stalking and watching funny videos. You get to see photos your friends and many celebrities share on their pages. It takes so much of my internet bundle and that can be very annoying. It’s almost as if it feeds on your bundle like a blood-starved vampire. Otherwise, it’s a great app.

And of course, the famous Snapchat

Even though I hardly post or view snaps, I like Snapchat because of the camera. Snapchats camera quality is strangely better than my phone’s camera itself. My camera isn’t exactly the best but with good lighting and a lot of work I can take average photos. Snapchat is great when you’re bored. You get to actually see what your friends are doing. I’m yet to update my snap. The new update is exciting.

Ignore the weird poses and battery percentage. Lol

Last but not least is my Vocabulary builder

As I mentioned in my previous post, I love the English language. I want to be able to speak very fluent and scholarly English. So that’s why I downloaded this app to help improve my vocabulary and it has. I’d recommend it to everyone taking SATs and other examinations. I, however, use it for fun.

These are the six I want to highlight. I have other apps like Telegram, Jodel, Curiousity, YouTube and others.Thanks for reading.

Later, guys!


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