Life Update (400 followers) + Gist on Crazy Idea

I have a new name now and that is Kyerekuah. Because I’m called Adoma I get this name in addition to my name. For example, if you’re called Serwaa you get the additional name Akoto. That’s how it works in Akan, my tribe. The additional name is what we call Mmrane. So all additional names are Mmrane, appellation. I just found out that Adoma’s Mmrane is Kyerekuah and that is such a beautiful name. I wish I could record it for you to hear.

Also I just changed the language on my phone to French. So far so good. Well, sometimes I have to quickly change the settings back to English to make sure I’m not locking my phone or doing something of the sort. And yeah, I’m still struggling with the French keypad. I studied French in school so I don’t want to forget. That’s my source of motivation. I even downloaded the app Duolingo to help me study more French words etc. Who sent me?

I’m in this twitter group with over eight British girls, one Canadian and one African American. I think I’ve learnt a lot from that group especially being the only African in the group. Sometimes they keep talking about Love Island, which I don’t watch. Luckily, I’m not the only one who doesn’t watch it. I’ve also started reading Gossip Girl, thanks to the group. I had always wanted to read it since JHS (Junior High School) but the person who had the book before me never finished reading till we completed. They are all very polite and helpful.

I’ve changed my blog’s theme again but I’m not entirely satisfied. I have a lot of things to do for my blog, this year. It’s all gonna happen, fellas. Keep checking this baby girl out.

Okay now to the interesting bit, remember I wrote that i was getting crazy ideas. I’m going to share it with you all! And all shall say Amennnn. Since I have refused to intern at the law firm, I’m just not feeling it this summer. (No hard feelings towards the lovely lawyers. Muah!), I want to print T-shirts for Charity. I can’t decide what group of people to help. Orphans or Terminally ill children???? I can’t decide. If the T-shirt business goes on well I will support both. I have the State Children’s Home in mind but I’m still considering other orphanages. So your suggestions are welcome. Everything is still in the pipeline. Let’s see how everything goes.

I have 400 followers nowwww. Adoma from last year wouldn’t have believed it if anyone told her she was going to get 400 followers in less than a year. Thank you all so much for following this annoying little blog.

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16 thoughts on “Life Update (400 followers) + Gist on Crazy Idea

  1. Iamoheneba says:

    The consistency in your post updates makes me like your blog and yeah,I can help you with designs for your T-Shirt prints, if you’re interested.

    Liked by 1 person

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