Gentleman Owl + (Diy crop top & Photos)

Ignore the title, it’s not deep and obviously makes no sense. It’s just in reference to my former T-shirt. Today, I decided to have fun with some old clothes. I cut an old T-shirt into a crop top and it looks great. I tried to do same with my tank top and that was an epic fail but the T-shirt was just fab. I’m just going to show you some photos I took in my “Gentleman Owl” T-shirt, now crop top. This is all thanks to Pinterest! Peace xοΏΌ


I took this last year on my first day in uni.


My little brother is looking at me like I’m crazy. He kept asking me what I was doing like he couldn’t see the camera. πŸ˜‚

Cheers! xx


30 thoughts on “Gentleman Owl + (Diy crop top & Photos)

  1. Sarah Eliza says:

    Such a fab idea! I used to DIY a lot more but maybe I should take some of your advice and give it another go and create one of these tops myself!
    Sarah x

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